Agreena company in Moldova

Agreena company

About Agreena company

Agreena is a company that empowers farmers who are practicing or transitioning to sustainable agriculture to structure their operations as climate projects. These projects result in the generation of carbon credits that can be sold for additional income. Carbon credits can be sold either by the farmers themselves or through Agreena for a commission.

Key benefits of participating in Agreena’s climate projects:

  • Additional income: Farmers can earn income from the sale of carbon credits.
  • Increased yields: In the long term, using sustainable practices can lead to increased yields.
  • Higher product value: Products with a low carbon footprint can have a higher market value.

The process of joining the Agreena program:

  1. The farmer reports the location and size of their fields and their agricultural practices over the past 5 years.
  2. After harvesting the next crop, the farmer reports which regenerative practices they used on the fields.
  3. Agreena issues carbon credits to the farmer.

The number of carbon credits depends on the sustainable farming methods used by the farmer:

  • Minimal soil tillage or no tillage.
  • Use of mulching.
  • Growing cover crops.
  • Application of organic fertilizers.

The more sustainable practices the farmer uses, the more carbon credits they can earn.

Example calculation of carbon credits per 100 hectares:

One of Agreena’s advanced solutions is the use of a satellite data-based Measurement, Report, Verification (MRV) system. This utilizes data from Hummingbird Technology. Satellite data allows for accurate determination of field boundaries, crop types, soil condition, and crop rotation. This reduces the need for manual measurements and ensures high data accuracy.

Agreena company has its own standard for carbon credits. These credits can be sold by farmers directly or through the company. In addition, Agreena is currently registering all of its climate projects under the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) of Verra, which will increases their credibility and market value. More information about this standard can be found by the link.

The company was founded in 2018 and has since expanded its operations to 18 European countries. In 2022, investments in Agreena amounted to €22.5 million, and in 2023, to €46 million. This demonstrates the growing interest and trust from investors.

Agreena in Moldova

In Moldova, Agreena company is represented by Protec Agro LLC. Information on the principles of issuing carbon credits and the company’s activities in the region can be found on their website. Information is also available on the portal.

For farmers in the Republic of Moldova, participation in Agreena’s climate projects represents an interesting opportunity to monetize their sustainable agricultural activities. Organizational costs on their part are minimal, and there are no financial investments. It is only important to carefully consider the terms of contracts and possible penalties in case of their termination, as new opportunities for implementing climate projects on more favorable terms may arise in the future.