CarbonCredits.MD editor

CarbonCredits.MD editor

Hello, dear reader of the portal! Allow me to introduce myself—I am the editor of CarbonCredits.MD. In 2019, I founded the environmental non-profit organization “Zakonnik” in Pridnestrovye. Our primary focus was on improving environmental legislation, preventing ecological violations, and education.

Since 2022, I have been concentrating on international climate regulation, climate projects, and carbon markets, following this algorithm:

  • Studied climate regulation, investment opportunities in climate projects, and carbon units.
  • Shared my research on the portal
  • Provided remote consultation to businesses approaching me through the portal in the following areas:
    • Assessment of carbon units from climate projects (brokerage services).
    • Initiation of climate projects in sustainable agriculture, reforestation, and afforestation.
    • Attracted funding for initiating climate projects (grants, decentralized finances).
    • Tokenization of carbon units from voluntary climate programs (standards).

In December 2023, having accumulated enough knowledge, I:

  • Relaunched portal, exploring the private investment possibilities in climate action.
  • Launched CarbonUnits.RU portal about climate regulation of the Russian Federation with a focus on carbon market.
  • Launched this portal.

My higher education:

  • Kharkiv Law Academy (2003-2008)
  • Kyiv Academy of Personnel Management (2011-2012)

My courses in sustainable development:

  • “Active Eco” – NGO Ecovisio course, April 2019
  • National Geographic programs:
    • Introduction to Conservation, November 2019
    • Prioritizing Species and Spaces, December 2019
    • Understanding Illegal Wildlife Trade, December 2019
    • Conservation Project Planning, November-December 2019
  • “Video blogging” – Russian environmental movement Eka program, November-December 2020
  • “International legal tools for environmental protection and human rights” – NGO Ecology-Law-Human program, December 2020 – May 2021
  • “ESG” – Sber-University program, April 2022
  • “ESG and sustainable development of food systems” – Akron program, May 2022

My courses in the field of blockchain in relation to the impact on climate projects and the carbon market:

  • Blockchain and Money – MIT, July 2023

You can contact me: